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Halal and Hand Slaughtered


Traditional lahori

Since Pakistan is such a diverse country with diverse cultures, is it a given that the traditional food would also vary from region to region. From the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in the north to the Sindh province in the south, Punjab province to Balochistan, each and every provincial mouthwatering dish is unique and specific to that region. Although there is a plethora of restaurants in Toronto, we at KARAHI BOYS felt that there was a genuine lack of traditional authentic Lahori food in the GTA. Upon doing a bit of research, we found that there seemed to be quite an overwhelming desire and demand from local foodies for more eateries serving this type of cuisine. After all, Punjabis sure know how to get their B.B.Q. and karahi on!!


Serving the finest ingredients

Karahi is a style of food that is traditionally cooked and served in a thick, circular, deep cooking dish, or wok, called a KARAHI. It is definitely the most popular authentic dish of Pakistan, as you can cook any type of meat your heart desires in a karahi - chicken, lamb, ground beef, even paneer (or cheese curd). At KARAHI BOYS, we guarantee that our fresh, never frozen, meat will be cooked to order, along with the freshest vegetables and spices. Food will always be served just as it should be - in the same wok that it is cooked in, sizzling and succulent, right at your table. You will be lured back, time after time, to scrumptious and tantalizing dishes, freshly made tandoori naans, and a variety of BBQ meats to appease your appetite. This is truly the only real way to enjoy homemade karahi.


Two locations
in the heart
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With a vast background in the food industry, and as food lovers ourselves, we deeply believe that food and family go hand in hand. Eating a meal is not just about the food sitting in front of you, but about the memories and experiences that you share with your family as you are eating, be it lunch, dinner, or any time in between. We want you to be a part of our family; let us take care of you. With a profound desire to offer the best customer service, coupled with delicious homemade food, we aim to not only serve great karahis, but also inspire people in our restaurant with Pakistani culture and scrumptious traditional dishes. So come and join us on this culinary adventure, hold tight to your taste buds, and get ready for a delicious ride!


There is definitely no love sincerer than the love of food - when everyone else may leave you, it is comforting to know that food never will. While some people may eat to live, most Pakistanis live to eat. Only in Pakistan would you find everyone claiming that their mother is the best cook in the world, and no doubt, this must come from the love of food Pakistanis have rooted deep within. This genuine love affair with food is what inspired us to bring you KARAHI BOYS - Toronto’s authentic Lahori style eatery, located in the heart of the GTA.



Karahi perfection with Only the fresh never frozen meat

Karahi is prepared in a Wok with fresh ingredients and served sizzling in the same wok with fresh Naans.





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