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KBoys Chicken Karahi

Half $24.99 - Full $42.99

Tomato based, traditional Lahori style

Made with yogurt, tomatoes and fresh spices

Spice level - medium to spicy


Potohari Chicken Karahi

Half $25.99 - Full $43.99

Methi (fenugreek) based with

whole tomatoes, cream and fresh spices

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 7.49.49 PM.png

Chitti Chicken Karahi

Half  $25.99 - Full $43.99

Kashmiri karahi, Full of flavours-true hidden gem. Made with yogurt, cream, coconut and fresh spices, no tomatoes, no red chillies



Boneless Chicken Karahi

Kboys- $25.99, Potohari/Chitti- $26.99 (This serves 2 ppl- not by weight)

For best flavour made with white and dark meat mix


Charsi Karahi (KB Special)

Half $24.99 - Full $42.99

One of the most popular karahis-

Special of the northern areas of Pakistan.

Black pepper, Whole tomatoes

Whole green chillies. Dry masala

Medium spice level

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