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Paratha Roll Bites

Chicken Behari or  Paneer Bites $13.99

Pan fried paratha stuffed with your choice of protein, mouthwatering chutneys and crisp onions. served with fries


Tufani Shrimp


Breaded in potato starch and deep fried 


Chatpata Fried Wings


Large chicken wings, marinated and breaded in special kboys spices and batter.

Comes with special in-house kboys sauce.


Mushtanda Tandoori Wings


Spicy marinated wings Cooked in the tandoor for 15 mins

Tossed in butter with our inhouse spices

Served with green chutney


KBoys Lahori Fish


Marinated in house with our fresh spices

Breaded and deep fried

chicken bites_edited.jpg

Patakha Chicken


Chatpata fried tandoori chicken bites, with sweet mustard sauce

paneer bites_edited.jpg

Paneer Bites


Marinated paneer bites, fried and served with tamarind sauce




Fried and tossed in seasoned salt

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